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Form Relationships with Prospects

By Eric Worre

Inviting prospects to learn more about your product or opportunity is one of the most critical skills you must develop as a Network Marketer.

Let’s call it the “gateway” skill for Network Marketing because if you aren’t successful in getting anybody to take a look, then your future in this profession doesn’t look too good.

But you have to approach the invitation with the right mindset, or else you run the risk of chasing prospect away before you even have a chance to share your opportunity.

Form Relationships with ProspectsThe Problematic “Invitation”

The problem most people have with the invitation is that they pitch their opportunity, and then they feel bad or awkward doing it.  They feel like they are hounding their prospects, and their prospects probably feel attacked by their approach as well.  Pretty soon, you have become known as the person to avoid.  Everyone’s like “Oh, don’t talk to her.  She’ll try to convince you to sign-up for her little parties.”

You’re not alone.  I did this too when I first started out.  I was a hunter.  I didn’t really care about relationships.  All I cared about was getting that new recruit.  I did get a few to join, but most didn’t.  And then people started to avoid me.  Even worse, the people I did get to join my business tried to do the same thing I was doing, failed, and then quit.  I was frustrated.  Inviting wasn’t fun, and I definitely wasn’t being successful at it.

The Professional Invitation

I started studying successful people to see what they did.  What I found surprised me.  They were building relationships, building friendships.  Their goal wasn’t to immediately recruit their prospects.  Instead, they acted more like farmers, cultivating relationships.  Their initial objective was to educate their prospects on what they had to offer and then let those prospects decide if it was something they wanted to do.

This was a HUGE switch in strategy for me and I began to look at things differently.  I put myself in the prospect’s shoes and thought about what would be attractive to me and alternatively, what would cause me to put up my defenses.  Instead of acting like a shark, I was more like a coach or consultant.  I built relationships and then offered common-sense solutions to people’s problems.

Form Relationships with Prospects

Form Relationships with ProspectsAnd that is why so many people feel like they are hounding their prospects when they first approach them, because they are not coming from the mindset of being coaches and consultants.  Instead, they think that they have to jump right in and tell their prospects why they’re going to miss this great opportunity if they don’t sign up.

Form a relationship with your prospect.  Learn where they are in life, what they enjoy doing in their free time, what struggles they are facing.  And let them know you are genuinely interested in them and their lives.  Even if you just met them, become their friend in five minutes.  Then, you can make your invite as someone who shares with them and educates them on an opportunity that you believe they would succeed in.

If you take this stance, you’ll find that the invitation becomes much less frustrating.  You’ll become comfortable with the process.  It will feel easy and natural, and you’ll find that you get more results.

Meet Eric Worre

Eric Worre has been a leader in the Network Marketing profession for 28 years. Although he’s now retired from being a distributor and focused exclusively on Network Marketing Pro, his career has given him a broad range of experience. He’s been a top field producer, building sales organizations totaling over 500,000 distributors in more than 60 countries; the President of a $200 million Network Marketing company; a co-founder and president of his own company, TPN- The Peoples Network; and a high-level marketing consultant to the Network Marketing profession.

Eric is the author of the international bestselling book Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional, which has sold over 1,500,000 copies and has become a “must-read” for anyone who is serious about building their network marketing business. 

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Network Marketing Growing Fast in the Global Economy

Network Marketing Growing Fast in the Global Economy

Recent research from the U.S. Direct Selling Association reports Network Marketing Growing Fast in the Global Economy, in terms of both retail sales and the number of people involved.

This growth shows the vibrancy of the model as an unmatched opportunity for entrepreneurship.

Customers gravitate towards the personal touch network marketing provides, Technological advancements have helped the channel to continuously evolve.

A report by Network Marketing Times presents some facts and reasons why network marketing has grown in a turbulent global economy and why the business model is poised for continued growth over the next several years.

Some Key Highlights

Proof that Network Marketing Growing Fast in the Global Economy

  • Global retail sales reached $183 billion in 2015, an increase of 7.7% since 2014.
  • In 2015,  103 million people were involved in network marketing globally, up 4.4% from 2014.
  • Network marketing in the U.S. experienced growth for the 6th straight year, reaching $36 billion in estimated retail sales in 2015. This is almost a 5% increase from 2014 and a new record high, outpacing the growth of both overall U.S. retail sales (1.6%) and the U.S. gross domestic product (3.5%) in 2015.
  • The number of people involved in the U.S. grew from 18 million to 20 million in 2015, an 11% increase from the previous year.

A significant factor that accounts for this growth, both in sales and people involved, is the global rise of entrepreneurship.

Today more and more people want to be entrepreneurs, and network marketing provides the means to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Network marketing is in prime position to capitalize on a number of macro trends in the U.S., including an aging population and the obesity epidemic.  The wellness sector commands the largest share of network marketing sales. It also is the fastest growing sector.

Click HERE  to read the full  report *Compiled by Dr. Josephine Gross, Editor in Chief of Networking Times

Network Marketing In New Zealand

The Direct Selling Association of New Zealand in their 2015 statistics report that there is only 101,187 Distributors, Agents or salespeople involved in direct sales including Network Marketing in New Zealand.

Network Marketing In New Zealand

Unlike the rest of the world Network Marketing in New Zealand has never gained the recognition the industry deserves mainly due to the unfounded perception of a pyramid type scheme operation and a true lack of understanding of how the network marketing business model works.

This contrasts with the rest of the world (including Australia) which shows Global Direct Selling sales continuing a healthy yearly growth trend with over a TRILLION dollars in sales since 2009.

Global Direct Selling Sales

Global Direct Selling sales continue a healthy yearly growth trend with over a TRILLION dollars in sales since 2009.

2015: $183.7 Billion
2014: $182 Billion
2013: $178 Billion
2012: $167 Billion
2011: $158 Billion
2010: $132 Billion
2009: $117 Billion

Global Direct Selling Numbers By Region.

Asia/Pacific: $84 Billion
North America: $37.7 Billion
South & Central America: $25 Billion
Western Europe: $29.5 Billion
Central & Eastern Europe: $5.9 Billion
Africa & Middle East: $1.3 Billion

Global Direct Selling Participants

The number of Direct Selling participants globally continues to grow !

2015: 103 million participants
2014: 100 million participants
2013: 96 million participants
2012: 90 million participants
2011: 85 million participants
2010: 87 million participants
2009: 74 million participants

For the Network Marketing Profession to take off in New Zealand a concentrated education program is required to dispel the myths about this amazing industry called Network Marketing.

Where else can you start your own business for under a $1,000, learn as you go and build your business around your own time schedule Part or Full Time. No stock or Inventory to hold but delivered on your behalf whilst you use technology (social media) to run your business from the comfort of your own home.

Network Marketing provides the last bastion of hope for the average person, entrepreneur who wants more out of life for themselves and their family.

Before you discount this profession as a pyramid scheme you owe it to yourselves to get the facts, complete your own due diligence and make an informed decision.