About Des

About DesDes Morgan is a Network Marketing Professional based in New Zealand
A Proud Kiwi. Des was a financial planner by profession having spent over 30 years in the financial services industry both in management and his own business as a Insurance & Mortgage Broker.
In 2010 Des read the best selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki which alerted him to the existence of the Direct Sales / Network Marketing Profession. Des is passionate about the benefits network marketing provides and has been a full time Network Marketing Professional since 2013

My Story

Freedom “the freedom to pursue your dreams and goals”

It was Christmas 2010 and I was just winding down after another hectic business year which had seen me spend many hours away from home and my family. My whole world was about to be turned upside down after pickng up the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.
In his bestselling book Robert alerted me to the fact that i had positioned myself in his S” quadrant i.e. A Solo Act with no team to count on. If I got sick or had an accident my passive income and future lifestyle would be put in jeopardy as it solely relied on my own efforts.
It disturbed me as I had worked long hours to build a sizeable passive income from renewals on insurance business I had written which I thought would guarantee my family’s financial future. I felt sick, tired and burnt out. Could I have done all this work for nothing as my renewals were only good if I continued to service my clientele.
I remember once reading a quote from famous business Billionaire Oil Baron; Jean Paul Getty. who said “I’d rather have one percent of the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent of my own efforts.” and as I sat there the meaning of that powerful quote hit home.
I immediately fell in love with the Network Marketing concept of building a passive income on the back of a team effort which would be paid whether I worked or not. Network Marketing would provide me with the time freedom i was so desperately seeking and would enable me to do what i wanted to do when I wanted to do it and at the same time provide me with the money to achieve the lifestyle of my dreams!
I immediately signed up with the first network marketing opportunity that came across my desk and the roller coaster ride began having immediate success followed by the inevitable slump once I ran out of friends and family. I couldn’t understand why I was not having the success I deserved – it couldn’t be me I had been successful in the insurance business. It had to be my upline, the company, or the distributors i recruited.
More determined I went in search of the perfect company and after signing up with my seventh company and still no long term success it dawned on me it wasn’t the Industry it was me. Other leaders in the companies I had joined were making money so it had to be me.

Lesson 1

When you invest your money to start a Network Marketing business, your success or lack thereof is 100% on YOU. Building a business takes hard work, personal development, consistency, commitment, time and failure in order to achieve success.
If anyone ever tells you that network marketing is “easy” run a mile they are lying. Its called Network Marketing for a reason.. Every day you have to show up with your game face on. When you get knocked down, you get back up, dust yourself off and go again. Your daily mantra has to be “if it’s to be, it’s up to Me”.
i realized to succeed i needed a steady stream of leads coming to me so that I could sift and sort to find those diamonds in the rough – the next leader in my organization. who would help me build a legacy. I turned to the Internet to find the answers and fell straight into the “shiny object syndrome” trap where I purchased numerous programs from so called Guru’s who miraculously were going to show me the missing pieces to the puzzle so I could build that passive income to allow me the freedom I desperately desired.
Twenty four months later and $30,000 in debt I was no closer to my dream.

Lesson 2

Beware of the so called self imposed Gurus who proliferate the internet who have never made a dime in network marketing themselves but make their money selling you worthless training courses, marketing systems and false promises that don’t work. (this was an expensive lesson I learned the hard way)

The Turning Point

It was now 2013 and I was down and out. My friends couldn’t understand why I didn’t go and get a real JOB (Journey of the Broke.They pay you just enough to keep you there.) and even my wife was starting to look at me sideways.
But I was never going to quit I loved the network marketing industry with passion. I knew I needed help, a mentor someone that had done it , been in the trenches, had success and was prepared to guide me.
I had read that network marketing legend Mark Yarnell who wrote the best selling book “Your First Year in Network Marketing” attributed his success to his mentor Richard Kall a multi millionaire and Industry Icon. I was desperate and as I had nothing to lose I rang Richard to see if he would mentor me.
After our conversation much to my surprise Richard agreed to take me under his wing and he still keeps in touch with me to this day and we have become close friends.Richard turned out to be the shrewdest observer of what it takes to succeed in network marketing I have ever met and some of the tips he freely gave and which helped me turn my network marketing business around I have listed below
  • As a Network Marketing Professional we are only paid to do two things – recruit and retail that’s it. All other activities should compliment these goals.
  • You need to be passionate about the product. Would you buy it even if you were not a Distributor of the product? Is the product consumable meaning the consumer will want to order it over and over again. Is the product priced to sell? If the company’s product meets this criteria you will recommend it with passion because in your heart you know it works.
  • Once you decide on the company focus, focus ,focus. Forget about other deals. Commit to at least two years. This was my biggest problem and the biggest cause of my earlier failure. It’s easy to get distracted from the goals and commitments you’ve already made especially when things aren’t going to plan. Rather than seeing things through to completion, you abandon the goals and projects you’ve already started to chase after whatever new thing has just caught your eye on the internet. Ignore this advice at your peril!
  • Don’t recommend anyone quit his or her full time job to go full time. One of the benefits of the network marketing business is that you can start part time and when your income is greater than your full time business, then you can think about going full time.
  • Network Marketing is a numbers game.The more no’s you get you are closer to a Yes. Rejection is hard to take but to succeed you have to get over it!
Richard always used the example of a waiter who goes from table to table asking if anyone would like coffee. Eighteen out of Twenty might say no, but do you go back to the owner and say “ I can’t take it anymore and I’m quitting? Of Course not. Why? Because they don’t take it personally, and you can’t either. People are just saying no to the product or opportunity, not to you personally. The timing was just not right but keep in touch through social media as it could be in the future.

Using Social Media in Network Marketing.

Since 2014 my mission has been to learn and implement social media marketing into my network marketing business and those countless hours of learning are now paying dividends
Let’s start with the facts. There are 1 Billion People registered on Facebook. This is huge!Along with Youtube and Google, Facebook is where all the traffic is on the Internet.Facebook is a great place to network your business & share your story! You need to be promoting yourself there.
With social media, you can potentially reach a lot more prospects and work towards generating automated Network Marketing leads. This is the path to network marketing success.
Whilst Social Media is a powerful tool for generating leads, there is a right and wrong way to do it. Most people approach it the wrong way. You should constantly be trying to “add value” on the Social Networks, and this will (in turn) allow you to build relationships.
This may be controversial and goes against what you’ve been taught but top online marketers don’t use social media to sell.They use social media to create curiosity and then when prospects become interested, then they make contact with them via the phone or a webinar to build the relationship.
People don’t want to know how much you know they want to know how much you care. People will join you if they like and trust you.
What does this mean to our network marketing business Since we are living in a social economy, who you know and what they have to recommend is more influential now than ever before! People trust their friend’s opinions and recommendations. Social media is a great tool of engagement to expose people to your network marketing business and products.

My Network Marketing Journey So Far

I am more passionate about the Network Marketing Industry today than when I started. It is my firm belief that Network Marketing is the answer for people who want more out of life, quality time with their families, time to pursue their passions, to travel, to enjoy life.
In my experience most people have either time or money rarely both. Network marketing allows you the opportunity to enjoy both time and freedom!
Have I found the Network marketing profession to be easy the answer is a resounding No. Has it been worth it the answer is a resounding YES.
I have had more than my share of setbacks and disappointments along the way but then as my mother told me “ Nothing worthwhile will come easily” Network marketing is not perfect it’s just better than any other business model I know.
Network Marketing is the one system that has no prerequisites for success. There are no deterrent factors to hinder it, either. No matter what your age, education, ethnic background, past business success or failure, none of these things matter as far as Network Marketing is concerned.
What does matter is your personal need for all your dreams to become reality with the freedom and time to enjoy them. There are no further requirements other than an all consuming desire to make your dreams come true. You just have to believe!
Life’s to Short to Live Someone Else’s Dream. Please take the time to learn more about Network Marketing so you can make an informed decision on whether this profession can provide you with the Lifestyle you seek!