Gig Economy

What Is The Gig Economy

gig economy

A Gig by definition is not a Part -Time job. A Gig offers flexibility and freedom in how you do the work. You are your own Boss!

In the Gig Economy you have full control of how and when you work and this is normally dictated by the goals you set yourself whether that’s earning an additional $200 per month or $1,500 per month.

Working a gig has become an accepted path to supplement what may not be possible through a traditional 9-to -5 job creating more income and in many cases more meaning and personal fulfilment.

A Gig or gigs can appeal to all Generations from the millennial with massive student debt to pay off to Baby Boomers where an extra few hundred dollars per month to supplement their income would make all the difference in enjoying those golden years to just getting by.

Today an increasing number of people want their work to deliver meaning in their lives, they want more than to complete a series of tasks each day as if they were a cog in a machine.

They want more control of the work/life balance equation and a gig provides you with this opportunity.

It’s no secret our day jobs may not be a true reflection of our life’s passions. Gigs and side hustles are a way to generate more personal income while at the same time doing something we love.

When you’re on your quest for the perfect Gig look no further than the Direct Selling Industry

Direct Selling

Direct selling is personal approach to sales, with one person (Distributor) marketing a product or service to another. Often these interactions are person- to-person with the direct seller sharing a catalog, product sample, website link (like this) or other marketing material with a friend or acquaintance .

Sometimes these interactions can take place in a group setting, such as a party in someones home or in an informal group gathering at a coffee shop.

Today’s direct sellers use technology to their advantage. Now through social media Facebook etc it is very easy to send information to people and get them to take a look.

The company provides the eCommerce website where prospective customers can learn more about the product and services and then make a purchase which is credited to the seller (you)

The most important benefit to a direct selling gig is the opportunity to build your business by developing repeat customers and getting paid commission every month not just only on what you customers buy but also commission on any customers they introduce to the product.

In addition to compensation from customer sales if you choose to build your own sales organisation by recruiting others to join the business opportunity commissions are paid on the customer purchases in your entire organisation.

Network Marketing companies make both possible through the most unique form of compensation offered by any gig opportunity provider.


The emergence of the gig economy is allowing men and women to make some dreams come true. The ability to work with the flexibility and freedom you desire can add incremental enjoyment to your life.

In these uncertain times now has never been a better time to find a Gig you are passionate about to achieve happiness, peace of mind , freedom from debt and financial stability.