The Perfect NZ Home Business

New Zealand Home Business

Time to stop pretending to build a Network Marketing business here in New Zealand. It’s time to Go Pro.

nz home business

World wide Network Marketing has become accepted as a legitimate business opportunity with business icons such as Richard Branson, Tony Robins, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki author of best selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” endorsing the Network Marketing Industry.

Unfortunately New Zealanders have been slow to recognise network marketing as a viable business opportunity with only an estimated 101187 NZ Distributors which includes all direct sales participants (source Direct Selling Association of New Zealand)

Over the next 12 months it is my mission to provide the facts, the good the bad and the ugly about this amazing profession so that you can complete your own due diligence and make an informed decision as to the merits of this amazing profession and how it could provide you with the financial and time freedom most of us crave

What is Network Marketing, exactly?

Network Marketing is a business model that relies on a distribution network to build the business. Network Marketing business structures are Multilevel Marketing in nature, as the payouts occur on many different levels. You might hear the terms Person-To-Person Marketing or One-on-One marketing, which are just other ways of describing Network Marketing. Basically, network marketing involves the direct selling of merchandise or services. Some popular Network Marketing businesses you most likely have heard of include; Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Amway and Herbalife Ltd.

Network Marketing distributes goods and services through distributors, which may include hundreds, thousands and even hundreds of thousands of distributions networks. Distributors may buy products from the company for pennies on the dollar, and then sell the products, or they may simply sell the goods and/or services for the company and receive a commission on the sales.

For more information on the Ins and Outs of Network Marketing click HERE to read an interesting article in The Huffington Post published 16/9/2016

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  1. i am doing part time direct selling from last 5 years. i want to grow in full time business opportunity and want to leave my full time job. i need your help to grow further

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